Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Doooooog barkbark,
okokok i need to chill, way too high.

I thought I heard noises from behind the shower curtain. I approached it cautiously, my heart was pumping with tremendous force. I pulled the flower stained curtain up ever so slowly...all I see is a white tub. Better check the ceiling for some ninja shenanigans. All is clear, did I trip out hard? Yes. Am I still tripping? Yes. Did I just call my opa and wish him a happy brithday? Apparently, but I don't remember! Many synths later, I still am quite high. Music is the greatest thing on the earth. I'm on a whole notha level. My mind has escaped. How do you find your mind when you can't think? These are places few have travelled, all around the map. I need to go. Get on a plane and just go. Anywhere. Everywhere. Please take me somewhere off this map. I've grown so bored of this location. I crave a drastic change. Grab a backpack, hit Europe. Imagine the freedom, imagine the sights, imagine that moment...that perfect joyful moment where you know instantly, 'This is Happiness'.

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