Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just turn off!
Tune out!
Shut down all systems PLEASE.
I cannot win this game, you're a dirty cheater. It is unfair to use my mind against me.
This is almost like someone using steroids in sports...they play the game well and they are happy on the outside. but deep down they know it's not them, it's the chemicals. That's what sleep is like, sure i do it damn well when essentially a tranquilizer is used, but it's not real. It's not me.

Go away, we don't want you here.
You are unloved, please leave.
I can't keep doing this, you don't understand.
This is hard for me, I can't do this every night.
Who the fuck am i kidding though, it's not going away.
It's a fucking virus, it will never leave. No matter how much you try and fix it and cover it up, it still lingers.
A heavy thought from a heavy mind.

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