Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Come for a ride, we're going to travel through time. I'll set the timer, craaaaaaank, 4 months in the past. Hey look what was written, it's so similar to your thoughts now! He's perfect, he's everything a guy should be. Isn't it strange how the mind works? Whoawhoawhoa, who said anything about the mind, we're talking about the heart here! Uh oh...we have a problem then. I can't find yours! You gave it away? I don't understand, how did the transaction go through so quickly! You should come with a warning: I will leave you broken, I will rip out your heart. Now to be honest, this does make sense, it fits your personality, maybe i should have seen it coming. Always trying to outdo yourself, trying to be the best, nothing is ever really good enough. Now don't get me wrong, I admired all of those things in you. It made you one of the really special girls. The problem is you thought it would be a good idea to apply the same techniques with your heart. You found someone that you thought was better, an upgrade, if you will;) well now it makes sense you would jump on this so quickly, you are quite driven, I'll give you that.
Okay, time to come back to the present. Now I hope he realizes what you're capable of because who knows, maybe someone better will come along and you'll get up and walk away again.

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