Sunday, November 15, 2009

okokok, you've had the time. now comes the get the fuck over it, she wasn't worth it stage.
i thought i could be nice about it all, but then i realized, you don't deserve it.
you don't deserve shit from me.
i can't change what's going to happen in the future, and quite frankly i'm happy that i found out now.
i really did think you were different, but this has been my biggest misjudgement of character i've ever had.
you were right about one thing
trust doesn't really exist, it is merely an imaginative concept. you really can't trust anybody, cause they'll turn around and fuck you over for something better in a heartbeat.
so i thankyou for helping me learn that lesson.
but i must look at the bright side, there's around 3 billion other females in the world, so it's time to go find one who gives a shit, OR just chill and live my life how i wanna live it, without having to report to someone.
I'm ready to live.

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