Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the walls came tumbling down,
i was sitting happily in the front row, waiting patiently

you thought that the battle could not be won,
an impossibility of the heart.

the past laid the foundation for these thoughts,
family, boys, friends.

experience gave you little trust,
the similarities were striking.

could it be, had i found her?
do i invest or walk away?

you let me in,
you did the unthinkable.

but to let me out, not for you...for him
i still don't believe it.

that was supposed to be a thought in this chaotic mind,
nothing but a troubled thought from a troubled mind.

but who knew it could be reality,
you left me.

all i have now is pictures and posts.
things to look back on, not forward to.

i wish you could give me the future i so desire.
i wish you could give me your heart.

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